Forpost-1 – Spinor Device


Effective protection against many nuisances

Protects against electromagnetic smog (mobile phones and DECT, GSM antennas, WiFi, radar, etc.) protects against harmful substances in the subsoil (micro-faults, underground water flow) combats fatigue by car, train or plane allows to stay zen in public, during examinations or maintenance, avoids the “energy pumping” in relation of help or during care and therapies, improves the capacity of concentration in adults and children, improves the quality sleep, dispels some headaches and some pains.



There are two ways to use Spinor:

You can place on the source of nuisance
Or you can place on the person to be protected

The goal of Spinor is to establish a dextrorotatory field strong enough to counter the usual nuisances: electromagnetic sources and disturbances of the subsoil.
Although intended to counter these nuisances, it can happen that they are too strong, a single Spinor will only mitigate the effects, in some cases, several Spinor are needed to correct a location.
They will be placed either on the source of the nuisance itself or geometrically arranged around the person.

Spinor has an unlimited life and does not “charge”.

Spinor is appreciated by electro-sensitive people who find it natural and comfortable to wear.
There is no contraindication to its use.
When wearing a Spinor on you, it is best to put it in your pocket.

If you are traveling or if you are under many nuisances, it is better to wear 1 or 2 Spinor
in your pockets.
At home or in the office, it is recommended to place Spinor on main sources of electromagnetic nuisance.

Here is a list of electromagnetic nuisances and where it is recommended to place the Forpost-1 Spinor Device

  • Computers place one under the keyboard
  • Laptops place one on the keyboard
  • DETC Phones place one under the base
  • Televisions place one or two behind the screen
  • In the car place one on the dashboard or keep it in your pocket
  • Near an high voltage lines keep one or two in your pocket (if you place two keep it on each pocket)
  • Neighborhood transformer keep one or two in your pocket (if you place two keep it on each pocket)
  • Wifi routers place one on the router
  • GSM / 4G phones place one on your pocket (add the spinor sticker on the back of your phone)
  • During your train or plane journeys, keep one on your pocket

Miscellaneous remarks:

Spinor has an unlimited life and, unlike crystals of similar size, never “load”!

Spinor is appreciated by electro-sensitive people who find it natural and comfortable to wear.
There is no contraindication to the use of Spinor.

By leaving it in a bag or a small suitcase, you pass safely through the airport controls.
It is better not to keeping it on yourself by passing the portals of control of the airports.

Other uses, not “official”, for the Spinor model, tested by people with Spinor:

For eyestrain or eye irritation, stay 15 to 45 minutes with Spinor on each eye.

To release the emotions of the day, sit comfortably and put each foot on a Spinor, 30 to 45 min.

For some migraines, place a Spinor on each temple or on the top of the head

To activate your energy circulation, take a Spinor in each hand

To get the most out of the Spinor effect, lie down and place a Spinor on the thymus and another on the belly button

To not be invaded by the negative energies of other people and not to be “pumped”, a Spinor in each pocket, discreet and very effective

For less cogitation and falling asleep easier, a Spinor under the pillow

To energize water or other beverages, place a Spinor under the glass or cup for approx. 1 min

To distress before an exam, a Spinor in each pocket

To take a step back from the experience, place a Spinor on the occiput

To aid digestion of food or emotions, place a Spinor on the lower abdomen or on the solar plexus

To relax the jaw (for those who bite their teeth), hold a Spinor on each side of the jaw

To be more present in oneself and more efficient at work, a Spinor under the chair

For babies crying at night, a Spinor under the mattress

To clean your emotionally charged jewelry, place the jewel a few minutes on a Spinor

To protect homeopathic medicines from electromagnetic nuisance

… and of course, it also works on animals!

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 5 cm


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